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Passion, Reason and Love, the best legacy.

Since 1847, the passion for the vine has been passed down from generation to generation in the MICHEL Family.

In the heart of the Champagne region, a few kilometers from Épernay, in the village of Moussy, our vineyard of 12 hectares of vines is planted with Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. These three grape varieties give very distinct cuvées rich in a diversity of unique flavors: from Brut Sans Année (B.S.A.), available in extra brut, brut and demi-sec, to Blanc de Meunier. From Blanc de Chardonnay to the vintage Cuvée Spéciale, without forgetting the Rosés and a cuvée vinified in barrels.

On the estate, the work is shared: Olivier takes care of the vineyard and winemaking, Florence welcomes customers and manages shipments to France or abroad.

As Récoltant-Manipulant (R.M.), Olivier MICHEL produces his wines entirely in his own facilities and vinifies exclusively the harvest of his vineyard.

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Is more than 170 years of wine-growing tradition in Champagne enough to raise a good champagne?

A heritage only becomes precious if it is maintained, enriched, sublimated to be transmitted.

First of all, there is the terroir, this unique place where the vine flourishes. We help it in its growth through appropriate working methods. A rather short pruning, grass between rows, organic viticulture for the roots to nourish our grapes.

Our vineyard is rich in diversity: old vines over 50 years old, younger ones, 9 different crus, 3 grape varieties; all the ingredients to give our wines finesse, elegance and character.

Each harvest is a celebration that must be appreciated. Because if hearts rejoice, minds are already busy estimating the quality of the harvest and imagining the best vinification. Then each cru, each grape variety is vinified separately in barrels or vats. They combine their richness with the blend and give each of our cuvées its style and uniqueness.

Let's now enter the temple of our wines. This mysterious place that inspires rest but guarantees our wines to improve their delicate flavour. Our old cellars protect and preserve the bottle, in order to guarantee, when the time comes, an explosion of aromas and tastes.

But what would be the use of so much love for a job well done if it was not shared?

We will be pleased to welcome you to our House for visit and tasting. Regularly rewarded by many specialized guides (Guide Hachette), our wines are perfect examples of champagnes made with love and passion. And no doubt you will come back and great us as you would with an old friend with whom you share the same values.

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