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Winter provides the vine with the rest essential to its biological cycle. It has indeed just undergone an exhausting period devoted to growth and the ripening of the grapes. The first tillage begin while the first blend take plac ein the cellar under the watchful eye of the winegrower.

Then comes the pruning which in no way disturbs the vegetative rest of the wines; it actually accompanies its awakening by regulating the quantity and quality of future buds.

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The vine wakes up at the same time as the first heats. The roots then draw nutrients from the soil, which are carried to the end of the branches. The thrust is so strong that a sap pearls on the vine shoots… We then say that the vine “weeps”.

This is the signal for spring pruning. The first buds gradually open and tiny leaves, still fragile, spread out.

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Flowering and fruiting season, summer is devoted to trellising. It is about guiding the vine. This operation of disentangling and separating the strands minimizes the appearance of rot and allows the vine to be given as much light as possible. At the same time, it is during this period that the vines are protected from diseases whose development is favored by the humidity level.

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With the end of summer comes the harvest period, the link between vine growing and winemaking. The character and yield of the grape varieties depend on the rigor and care given to the vines. However, climatic conditions also influence the quality of flowering and fruiting.

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